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University and Campus Electric Vehicles

GEM electric vans, flatbeds, tippers and electric passenger vehicles are perfectly fittting as university or campus cars. Compact, manoeuvrable, quiet and robust GEM's are ideally suited for estates & facilities management, post, catering, IT services and security patrols.

Our range of electric vehicles has a proven and dependable reputation across America, with campus, universities and similar institutions choosing to use GEM electric vehicles for over a decade. This long established reliability has seen increasing popularity among UK universities who are using GEM electric vehicles to help meet tough new government targets on carbon emissions reduction as set out in The UK Low Carbon Transition Plan.

e4 electric van on university grounds

The GEM range of 100% battery electric cars perfect for moving staff and visitors around campus Available in 2 and 4 seat configurations.

e4 electric vehicle on campus

The GEM range of electric commercial vehicles are suitable for a number of campus roles including maintenance, post and security.

Bespoke Campus Designs

Our extensive range of utility options allow you to create a bespoke electric vehicle for a variety of campus uses e.g. post, facilities management, maintenance, security patrol, IT or catering. Versatility can be increased still further by adding a tow bar or a tailor made roof system from our extensive list of options.

electric mainteance van used by universities

All GEM 100% electric commercial vehicles are extremely agile and manoeuvrable making them ideally suited to maintenance tasks indoors and out.

eL Specs Overview

The GEM eL can be specified with flat bed, drop sides, cargo box and static or tipping cages making the most of it's generous 455kg payload.

GEM el specs
Curb Weight
Payload Capacity
Turning Circle
Roaming Range
30 miles
6 x No-maintenance 12v Gel Batteries

Commercial Benefits

All GEM 100% electric vehicles are affordable versatile, robust and as they emit zero local emissions they can help significantly reduce your university carbon footprint. As they are exempt from road tax, extremely low maintenance and cost less 1.5 pence per mile to charge they are incredibly cost effective to run too.