Public EV Charging Points

This resource is provided by GEM Cars Ltd to help you search for publicly available electric vehicle (EV) charging points.

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EV infrastructure is presently limited to mainly urban areas with London having the most developed network of charging points. However this network is growing rapidly with publicly accessible infrastructure being delivered by a combination of Government (both Central and Local) and private sector contributions. Organisations are able to apply for grants from the Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Grant Programme (IGP).

In the future, we expect that the private sector, like electricity suppliers and distributors, will take the lead in infrastructure provision. Many places in the UK have already begun to install charging points. Some are on-street or in public car parks, for example the City of Westminster has 12 on street and 48 in its car parks, while Newcastle will have 28 by the end of March 2010. Others can be found in shopping centres; the Westfield Centre in west London has 30 EV charging bays and Leicester's Highcross Centre has over 100. If you know of any publicly available EV charge points not on our map why not contact us and we will include in this section.