GEMs for Rent

Vehicles available for rent with complete customisation options and even a try before you buy option!

Local Authority and NHS Electric Vehicles

Many local authorities and hospitals are adding GEM eco-friendly electric vehicles to their fleets for urban litter picking, laundry, medical waste disposal, car park patrols, impaired mobility solutions, parks/garden and cemetery maintenance. With an extensive list of load bay and towing options we can tailor your vehicle to meet your specific requirements.

The GEM range of 100% battery electric utility vehicles are the ideal green car, eco-friendly option to help your council or hospital make a significant contribution to reducing emissions and noise pollution in towns and city centres.

gem electric utility vehicle on a council site

Adding GEM 100% electric utility vehicles to your council fleet will help promote your commitment to reducing harmful emissions and pollutants.

electric vehicle on hospital site for maintenance

The eLXD fitted with 500kg capacity hydraulic tipper is perfect for hospital site maintenance And medical waste disposal

Custom Vehicle Options

Our extensive range of utility options allow you to create a bespoke electric vehicle for a variety of local authority uses e.g. urban litter picking, Parks, garden & cemetery maintenance, car park patrol or catering. Versatility can be increased still further by adding a tow bar or a tailor made roof system from our extensive list of options.

electric powered tipper

Specify a tipping or static cage fitted to the eL or eLXD for an emissions free vehicle ideal for litter picking or parks and garden maintenance.

eLXD Specs Overview

The GEM eLXD 50 mile range, extra power and 630kg payload can be specified with flat bed, drop sides, cargo box and static or tipping cages making it an extremely capable emission free workhorse.

elxd electric van
Curb Weight
Payload Capacity
Turning Circle
Roaming Range
30 miles
6 x No-maintenance 12v Gel

Commercial Benefits

All GEM 100% electric vehicles are affordable versatile, robust and as they emit zero local emissions they can help significantly contribute to your vehicle emissions target. As they are exempt from road tax, extremely low maintenance and cost less 1.5 pence per mile to charge they are incredibly cost effective to run too.