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GEMCare - Electric Vehicle Warranty

Your GEM car comes with a 12-month limited warranty and optional extended warranty choices for 12-month/8,000 miles or 24-months 16,000 miles. Your warranty program includes protection against major mechanical breakdowns, 24-hour roadside assistance and towing services.

2010 GEMCare New Vehicle Service Protection

All-inclusive Coverage

(Manufacturer's warranty)

GEM will repair or replace, as its option, all GEM parts found faulty in material and/or workmanship, under normal use, maintenance and service, with genuine GEM parts without charge for parts and labour during warranty coverage of one full year. All genuine GEM accessories are warranted with respect to parts and labour against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase to original retail purchaser.

24-Hour Roadside assistance

Towing assistance - when towing Is necessary, the covered vehicle will be towed to the issuing dealer or to any location requested by the covered customer, whichever is closer. Collision Assistance - If a customer is involved in a collision in their vehicle, towing assistance will be provided when needed to direct the vehicle to the issuing dealer or to any location requested by the covered customer, whichever is closer.

Tyre Coverage

Tyres that become unserviceable due to a covered warranty condition will be replaced on a pro rated basis for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase. Without proof of purchase, the date of manufacture will be used to determine adjustment eligibility.

2010 GEMCare Extended Vehicle Service Protection

Global Care Plus

12 or 24 months availability only upon expiration of original new warranty. Includes Manufacturer's Warranty plus 24-Hour Roadside Assistance and Tyre Coverage. See New Vehicle warranty for details. Coverage includes, but is not limited to:

Drive Line - Half Shaft Assembly, Electric Motor Assembly, Accelerator Pedal Assembly. Gearbox / Differential Assembly, Converter Assembly, Control Electric Motor, Charger Assembly, Battery Cables, Exterior Charging Inlet.

Suspension (Front & Rear) - Trailing Arm and Bushing Assembly, Spring Cover Shock Assembly, Upper A Arm with Bushing, Lower A Arm with Bushing, Wheel Bearing and Spindle Hub Assembly, King Pin and Knuckle Assembly, Axle Shaft.

Steering - Steering Gear, Tie Rod, Steering Column.

Brakes - Brake Hoses, Brake Lines, Parking Brake Assembly, Brake Calliper Assembly, Wheel Cylinder, Master Cylinder, Switch Brake Light Press, Brake Switch Float, Brake Light Switch, Parking Brake Switch.

Electrical - Wire Harness, Horn Switch, Battery Fuse, Turn Signal Switch, Battery Disconnect Switch, Heater and Defogger Assembly, Heater Blower Assembly, Back-Up Relay, Head Light Switch, Ignition Switch, Key Switch, Wiper Motor, Fuse Flasher, Master Disconnect, Module Power and Signal Distribution, Contactor Main, Display LCD Driver, Charger (72 Volt), Gage BDI (72 Volt), Electronic Control Module, Speed Sensors, Heat Sensor Battery, Drive Mode Switch.

Body - Bonnet Latch, Seat Side, Bonnet Hinges, Horn, Front Bonnet Strut, T-Handle Pack Latch, Tail Light Assembly (without bulb), Turn Signal Light Assembly (without bulb), Glove Box Lock.

Battery - Under your Extended Service Contract your GEL battery coverage begins after your Factory Warranty has expired and will extend for an additional 12 (twelve) Months and will pay 50% of the retail price of a GEM approved Battery.