GEMs for Rent

Vehicles available for rent with complete customisation options and even a try before you buy option!

Electric Golf Cart

We can fit your GEM e2 or e4 electric car with the unique LinksBack™ system, turning your electric car into a sturdy electric golf cart or electric golf buggy. This removable golf bag holder holds two golf bags and has two separate containers plus a central basket for accessories. Add the optional scorecard holder and you have the ultimate road legal, environmentally friendly electric golf cart. We are able to supply and fit turf tyres for all course access too. Choose GEM for the greenest way to drive to the green!

Gem with Linksback

The clip-in LinksBack™ converts an e2 or e4 electric car into a powerful road legal golf cart that will be the envy of the club!

el electric vehicle on course

The eL and eLXD 100% electric utility vehicles are ideally suited to course maintenance and their virtually silent unobtrusive operation won't disturb your members either.

Custom Vehicle Options

A wide range of options and accessories including alloy wheels, PA systems and ICE enable you to personalise your electric golf cart.

If it's an environmentally friendly, quiet and cost effective electric utility vehicle you require browse the wide range of cargo and towing options available for the eS, eL and eLXD commercial models.

electric vehicle golf cart conversion  options

e2 Specs Overview

The best selling GEM e2 is extremely cost effective to own, practical and is sure to bring a smile to your face very time you drive it!

e2 specification
Curb Weight
Payload Capacity
Turning Circle
Roaming Range
30 miles
6 x No-maintenance 12v Gel

Commercial Benefits

All GEM vehicles are 100% electric, road legal and cost effective to own and run. Whether specified as the ultimate electric golf buggy or sturdy utility vehicle their eye catching styling will not only make a strong statement about your green credentials but will add a premium feel to any golf club.