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Available door options

abs doors

Hard ABS doors with drop down windows

aluminum framed canvas doors

Aluminium framed canvas doors

transparent doors

Transparent doors

soft canvas doors

Soft canvas doors

Commercial vehicle options

electric hydraulic tippers and cages

Manual and electric hydraulic tippers and cages

drop side cargo options

Range of drop side cargo options

led light bars

Range of LED light bars

halogen light bars

Range of Halogen light bars

Available Colours

yellow colour example
blue colour example
green colour example
red colour example

GEM Electric Cars Range


Our extensive range of battery electric cars and utility electric vehicles emit zero emissions, are UK road legal and exempt from car road tax and congestion charging. With a top speed of up to 30 mph and a roaming range of up to 50 miles they are ideal vehicles for use in urban areas or any task orientated driving.

GEM electric cars are the perfect modification vehicle, easily adapted to suit any industry or commercial sector. GEM LTD offers a range of colours, diverse vehicle options including transparent, canvas or hard doors adaptable cargo options and a truly versatile bespoke design and build service.

The eye-catching open, curved styling of all GEM electric cars provides a spacious interior and the high-level driving position and oversized windscreen affords the driver with excellent all-round visibility. All GEM electric cars have built-in on-board chargers which can be plugged into any standard 230V socket, batteries can be topped up at any time and cost less than 1.5p per mile to charge. If you consider that our all our electric vehicles are extremely low maintenance, GEM electric cars not only offer you a green transport option tailored to your requirements but the tiny running costs can save you money too!

e2 Electric Car

gem e2 electric car

With its high profile and command-style seating the GEM e2 two-passenger vehicle is ideal for those short trips you make every day. The e2 provides a range of up to 35 miles on a charge and the many vehicle options offer great versatility.

e4 Electric Car

gem e4 electric car

With ample room for four adults, the GEM e4 offers class leading cabin space. Add one of the three optional, interchangeable carriers for exceptional functionality. The e4 provides a range of up to 30 miles on a charge.

eS Electric Car

gem es electric car

Functionality and reliability, the GEM eS is cost-effective and is much more economical than a conventionally powered vehicle. In fact, it costs just pennies a day to operate! The eS has a range of up to 30 miles on a charge and a 990mm x 1220mm flat bed with a 298kg payload.

eL Electric Van


From its superior manoeuvrability to its versatility, the GEM eL quietly functions in nearly any work environment, including indoors, because it emits no emissions. The eL provides a range of up to 30 miles on a charge and a 1780mm x 1220mm flat bed with a 455kg payload.

eLXD Electric Van

gem elxd electric van

With its heavy duty chassis and extra driving range, the GEM eLXD provides great efficiency. The GEM eLXD can be used on-road, off-road, inside buildings, or anywhere the job takes you! Features include an up-rated 7.0hp motor, nine 8V maintenance-free gel batteries for a range of up to 50 miles on a charge and a 1780mm x 1220mm flat bed with a 630kg payload.

Quadriga Electric Quad Bike

gem quadriga electric quad bike

The Quadriga is the world's first road legal electric quad bike. It is extremely strong, robust and reliable; designed for tough all-terrain driving on and off road. The Quadriga is easy to operate and can be used almost anywhere - for agricultural purposes, airside at airports, tourist and business parks providing a working vehicle but without the harmful environmental impact or noise of a petrol or diesel machine.