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Electric Car Affordability

At GEM Cars we recognise that while many companies and consumers are aware that switching to battery-electric cars and commercial vehicles will reduce harmful CO2 emissions and exhaust pollutants, the choice to switch from conventional cars and vans needs to make sense economically as well as an environmentally.

More and more businesses, organisations and individuals are realising how affordable and cost-effective it is to own and operate a GEM battery-electric vehicle. All our 100% electric vehicles plug into a standard 230-volt outlet and cost less than 1.5 pence per mile to recharge* - that's the equivalent to 375 miles per gallon!

The news gets better as all our road legal electric cars, commercial vehicles and quad bikes are exempt from road tax and congestion charging. Additionally many councils and local authorities, keen to reduce exhaust emissions and noise pollution in city centres are offering free parking and charging bays for electric cars. When you factor in very low maintenance costs - no fixed service schedule, no oil changes, gearbox, clutch or exhaust to worry about the running cost advantages of electric versus conventional vehicles are significant.

For business users GEM electric cars and commercial vehicles can be written down 100% against corporation tax liability in year one making them tax efficient to own as well as being very cheap to run.

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Vehicle Cost Calculator

With the long list of incentives and savings it can be hard to keep up! Use our cost calculator to compare the running and maintenance costs of an electric car to a gas vehicle.

GEM Cost Calculator

We have also included carbon emissions figures and the cost of carbon offseting, surely saving money and saving the enviroment cant be a bad thing!

Public EV Charge Points

More and more charge points and parking specifically for electric battery powered vehicles are being introduced across the country! Many are supported by local governments and are completely free! Search now to find your closest facilities.

Enjoy Electric Car Savings

The benefits and affordability of an electric car certainly add up... and keep adding up! With already existing privileges and new government rewards and incentives being established the figures are certainly in your favour!

Government Exemption from paying vehicle tax

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The Government vehicle discount scheme - money off your new eco-friendly vehicle
Government Scrappage Scheme