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Eco Friendly Cars

GEM battery electric cars are classified as low-speed vehicles and are fully road legal in the UK. With a top speed of around 30 mph, GEM electric cars have a range of up to 30 miles on a single charge and are a great life-style choice for urban travel, daily trips to the shops, school or office. The sealed maintenance free electric car batteries can be topped up anytime from any standard electric socket. A full recharge takes between 6-8 hours and an hour charging can replenish up to 35% of the battery capacity. Every GEM electric car meets and exceeds all EU safety regulations for low-speed vehicles and are thoroughly tested at the Chrysler Automotive Proving Grounds.

Green Cars

GEM all electric green cars are kinder to the environment and are established worldwide as the electric car alternative for both personal and commercial use. They are 95% recyclable; emit no exhaust fumes; use no power when stationary, unlike idling fuel engines. They are the eco-friendly choice using energy more efficiently than petrol or diesel; in fact 70% of energy is used for movement compared to only 30% for combustion engines where the rest is lost in heat. Since launch in 1998 almost 200 million miles have been covered in GEM's worldwide saving over 130 tons of pollutants from reaching the air.

Low Cost Enviromental Vehicles

As well as being a greener driving option, GEM electric cars are very economical to run. At around 1.5p per mile to charge you can achieve the equivalent of 375 miles per gallon! You will also enjoy free road tax, no congestion charging and in a growing number of city centre locations there is even free parking and charging available. To complete the eco-friendly benefits and low cost ownership package GEM's are virtually maintenance free, with no regular service schedule, exhaust system, clutch or gear box to worry about.

GEM cars are available in a choice of two-passenger e2 and four passenger e4 models and are fitted with a unique clip-in carrier system which offers flexible load carrying solutions for luggage, bikes or even 2 sets of golf clubs! All GEM electric cars can be personalised from our extensive range of options which include flexible door configurations and in-car entertainment. You can rest assured that you'll be happy behind the wheel of this fun, practical, innovative and sustainable transport solution.

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