GEMs for Rent

Vehicles available for rent with complete customisation options and even a try before you buy option!

Commercial Electrical Vehicles

GEM electric commercial range includes a diverse array of electric powered vehicles with a multitude of custom build and design options.

Our range of GEM light commercial vehicles, electric cars and quad bikes are suited to many business applications including delivery, distribution, maintenance, waste management, security patrol or simply moving staff and visitors around large sites.

As a specialist electric car company, all our electric utility vehicles are 100% battery electric and are fitted with zero maintenance battery packs that can be charged from any standard electricity point via the built in onboard charger. GEM commercial electric vehicles have an operating range of up to 50 miles on a single charge, have a top speed of around 30 MPH which can be restricted for low speed and commercial sites. As well as being road legal the near silent and low vibration operation make electric vehicles suitable for use indoors and in environmentally sensitive work places too.

Light Commercial Vehicles

GEM electric commercial vehicles provide an extensive range of cargo options include cargo boxes, drop-side flat beds, pick-ups and cages. Multi-purpose manual & electric tippers make the GEM commercial range extremely versatile and with payloads of up to 630kg and the ability to tow up to a ton they are capable of serious work loads too. Compact dimensions combined with a range of proven electric motors which deliver instant power; provide strong acceleration and hill climbing ability making all our electric powered vehicles extremely manoeuvrable often enabling access to areas that are inaccessible to conventional commercial vehicles.

Eco Friendly Vehicles

GEM electric commercial vehicles are a kinder environmental option for your business. Built around a proven corrosion resistant aluminium chassis they are 95% recyclable; emit no exhaust fumes and use no power when stationary. What's more their friendly, eye-catching styling will make a strong statement about your businesses commitment to reducing carbon emissions.

Low Cost Ownership Vehicles

The GEM electric car and van commercial range offers not only environmental benefits but also extremely low operating and ownership costs. At around 1.5p per mile to charge you can achieve the equivalent of 375 miles per gallon. Many businesses are investing in sustainable energy technologies which can be used to power electric vehicles making them even greener and cheaper to run.

Your business will also enjoy zero vehicle excise duty, exemption from congestion charging and unlike conventional commercial vehicles, GEM cars can be 100% written down against corporation tax in year one making them tax efficient too. To complete the low cost ownership package GEM's are virtually maintenance free, come with built-in on-board diagnostics as standard which means no need for expensive technician call outs for fault finding. There is no regular service schedule and with no exhaust system, clutch or gear box to worry about many companies choose to maintain their GEM electric vehicles themselves.

With over 40,000 GEM electric vehicles in operation and tens of millions of miles covered since 1998 the reliability and durability of GEM electric powered cars is well established. With organisations such as NASA, France Post and a growing number of UK companies adding GEM's to their fleets why not contact us to discuss how we can save you money while adding value to your business and operations.

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Campus Cars

Click below to see our range of 100% battery electric vehicles for university and campus use.

gem electric campus car

Local Authority

Click below to see our electric light commercial vehicles for local authority and hospital use.

gem electric local authority vehicle


Click to see our electric vehicles for sports arena, holiday village and tourist attraction use.

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Golf Carts

Click below to see our electric battery powered golf buggies, golf carts and maintenance vehicles.

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Click below to see our eco-friendly electric vehicles for agricultural, horticultural and equestrian use.

electric agricultural vehicles