Vehicle Scrappage Scheme, save up to £2,000 on an electric vehicle

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The vehicle discount scheme, popularly known as the vehicle scrapapge scheme is a government supported scheme set up to allow vehicle dealers to offer heavy discounts of up to £2,000 on a new eco-friendly vehicle when scrapping an older less efficient model.

Motor dealers are able to participate by voluntarily signing up for the scheme and will allocate the available discounts themselves.

How to Qualify for Vehicle Scrappage Scheme

To qualify and take advantage of the vehicle scrappage scheme your old and new vehicles must comply with certain regulations:

The old Vehicle must:

  • be a small van or car weighing less than 3,500kg
  • be registered within the UK before 29th Feb 2000
  • be registered with the DVLA or DVA in the buyers name
  • have been registered to the buyer for a period of 12 months before ordering
  • have a UK address on the registration certificate
  • have a valid MOT certificate before ordering for the new vehicle
  • have a valid tax disc when ordering
  • be insured when the order for the new vehicle is placed

The New Vehicle must:

  • be a small van or car weighing less than 3,500kg
  • be registered in the UK on or after mid May 2009
  • be declared new at first registration in the UK with no former keepers

How to apply for the Vehicle Scrappage Scheme

There is no need to contact or register with the government to take advantage of the scrappage scheme. Your local participating dealer (be sure to confirm) will take responsibility for checking all criteria are met, filling out the necessary paperwork and scrapping your old car. Your discount will be added to and appear on your final invoice when purchasing your new car.

Scrappage Scheme Deadline

The vehicle scrappage scheme is available until March 2010. Although the government have extended the original funding budget by £100 million for the scheme there has been little evidence of the date being extended. Be sure to contact your local motor dealer to find out if you qualify for the discount.

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