UK Leading university Clean Up on Campus With GEM Electric Cars

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One of the UK’s leading teaching and research establishments, Southampton University have joined the fight against CO2 emissions and are using GEM electrical vehicles across their many Campuses.

Southampton University, home to 22,000 students, and approximately 5,000 staff boasts a global reputation for leading edge research and scolarship in a wide range of subjects including engineering, science, social sciences, health and humanities.

The University of Southampton’s Repairs Service Manager Jason Wyatt says:”These vans will be a huge boost to the effectiveness and quality of the work that our department does around the University”.

”Their small size and quietness means we will be able to transport staff, tools and materials to previously inaccessible areas of the campuses. ”

“This is important as it strengthens our commitment to improve the health and safety of the manual handling of heavy goods.”

“We are also very keen to be as environmentally-friendly as possible and the GEM vans are the perfect solution to achieve this.”

Southampton University are now utalising 2 x eLXD for maintenance of their 7,000+ accommodation units and 1 x eLXD for their recycling team.

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