UK Police Enforce Struggle against CO2 Emissions

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Police within the United Kingdom are now using GEM electric vehicles to aid and safely transport their officers and to interact with the local community.

GEM’s light and versatile electric cars are being used by neighbourhood officers for a range of tasks including street briefings, local visits and city patrols. They are the first 100% electric Vans to be used by UK police.

Gem electric cars and vans have been in Carabinieri in Italy and across the United States for several years by police forces in New York, Los Angeles and Miami. We are very proud that their proven reputation and versatility have now led to their adoption by UK police.

Police fleet managers say the GEM’s 50 mile range, quiet operation and large storage space and their friendly, approachable appearance is ideal for officers to navigate through built up city centres and safely patrol local areas.

Community officers outside Brighton Pier in an eco-friendly GEM eLXD.

A WPC proudly stands infront of her zero emmisions electric vehicle in Sussex

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