Electric Vehicles Exempt from Company Car Tax From April 2010

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From 6th April 2010, the government has announced electric cars will be exempt from company car tax reducing the car benefit charge to nil for five years.

Electric vans will be spared tax payments of up to £3000, A great reason to invest on the qualifying eL or eLXD.

This promising amendment sees a dramatic fall from the previous 9% band for electric vehicles.

Future Electric car incentives

The decision to lower company car tax arises from a government push to promote the use and the growth of electric vehicles throughout the United Kingdom. As an incentive the government is also pledging to invest more money into the installation of electric vehicle charge points around the country.

Hopefully these new incentives laid down by the government will encourage the movement towards electric vehicles and simultaneously cut down on the high rising CO2 figures.

Alongside the new encouragement for green vehicles the government has also enounced a £30 million budget for green transport. This figure will be shared across numerous projects including opportunities for the public to test drive electric vehicles.

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