eCourier, Go Wired, Go Electric,,,with GEM Electric Promotional Vehicles

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eCourier, has become one of Europe’s fastest growing same day logistics company, and is e-lectric! In 2006 they became London’s first carbon neutral same day courier company, and now they’re using GEM zero emission electric vans as part of their fleet.

eCourier are using the Gem elxd, which has been used also used by the aeronautic NASA.

you’ll find it hard to miss the fun-sized vehicles buzzing around central London, blazoned with the distinctive purple and pink branding provided by GEM’s in house branding and logistics team

Nigel Lambe, CEO, says “We aim to achieve ISO 14001, and are on track to reduce our carbon emissions, by consignment, by a whopping 40% by 2009. We’re adding more and more electric vans to the fleet, have a growing army of bicycle couriers, and will continue to test electric options until we have found vehicles that both reduce our carbon footprint, and are commercially practicable in terms of ensuring continuity of service”.

The GEM team would just like to say, ‘great work guys’, its brilliant to see such an aggressive attitude towards reducing carbon footprint and using zero emissions vehicles especially in a business environment, a great inspiration for many organisations.

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