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How does an eco-friendly search engine work? We will tell you!

Search engines make millions of pounds every year from sponsored links/ads within search results bought by companies wanting to sell products or services. Companies pay for each click of an ad with the profits going to the search engine companies!

Ecosia works differently! Rather than revenue from adverts going straight to the owners of the search engines, Ecosia donates 80% of revenue to protecting the rain forests.

What people don’t seem to realize and certainly overlook is the immense level of CO2 emissions produced by search engines and their massive server networks.

Every single web search we make has a negative effect on the environment and some researchers believe one single search can produce the same CO2 emissions as a light bulb does in an entire hour.

The average user makes over 1000 searches a year, multiply that by a billion web users and its clear the impact our online activities generate.

According to Ecosia, thier users can save two square meters of rain forest with every search they perform, without spending a penny!

That mean an individual with an average 1000 searches can save 2,000 square meters of rainforest a year! Superb figures!

Watch this great animation to find out more! we like the panda!

Ecosia is supported by Yahoo!, Bing, and the WWF, with WWF using the provided revenue for its rainforest protection programme.

Start saving those rainforests now with Ecosia: The eco-friendly search engine

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