Custom Modified GEM Electric cars

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At Gem we pride ourselves on the superb versatility of our vehicles, we have designed and built numerous custom and bespoke vehicles for our clients but we have also been amazed by some of the personal modifications many people have built.

The flexible GEM chasis supplies a solid foundation and with the ability to add bespoke carbon fibre and Kevlar panels really does provide a vehicle with limitless opportunities.

If you are lucky enough to own a custom built or modified GEM electric vehicle we would like to hear from you and would love to share your story with our community. Please contact us or post your vehicle information on our facebook group

A selection of bespoke GEM’s!

A Bespoke electric vehicle built for a food street vendor, offering on-board refrigeration and stoves.

A modified electric vehicle suitable for off road, the beach and any sand dunes it might encounter.

A custom electric vehicle or a resturant on wheels? both! this zero emissions GEM has been fitted with commercially approved kitchen appliances and meets all safety regulations.

If you are considering a customized or bespoke vehicle and are not sure where to start then please check out our Bespoke design and build services, we consider no challenge too large or too small and have a design team eagerly awaiting your challenge!

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