Blackberry Go on 360 World Tour with GEM and U2

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GEM’s have been on tour! With none other than rock legends U2!

Our Bespoke design/build and branding logistic team have been working closely with BlackBerry and events agency NCompass International to produce tailored promotional electric vehicles for the U2 360 tour. (more…)

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BAE Systems Provide GEM VIP Treatment

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BAE Systems, the global defense, security and aerospace company having joined NASA in using their own GEM electric car fleet to safely transport guests and VIP’s.

BAE Systems used their new GEM 100% electric car fleet at the 2009 Farnborough Air show, where guests and celebrities were transported around the show and to and from the private helipad. Taking advantage of the 30 mile range on a single charge charge, BAE systems also collected and returned clients and VIP’s to their chosen locations. (more…)

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UK Leading university Clean Up on Campus With GEM Electric Cars

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One of the UK’s leading teaching and research establishments, Southampton University have joined the fight against CO2 emissions and are using GEM electrical vehicles across their many Campuses.

Southampton University, home to 22,000 students, and approximately 5,000 staff boasts a global reputation for leading edge research and scolarship in a wide range of subjects including engineering, science, social sciences, health and humanities.

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eCourier, Go Wired, Go Electric,,,with GEM Electric Promotional Vehicles

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eCourier, has become one of Europe’s fastest growing same day logistics company, and is e-lectric! In 2006 they became London’s first carbon neutral same day courier company, and now they’re using GEM zero emission electric vans as part of their fleet.


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UK Police Enforce Struggle against CO2 Emissions

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Police within the United Kingdom are now using GEM electric vehicles to aid and safely transport their officers and to interact with the local community.

GEM’s light and versatile electric cars are being used by neighbourhood officers for a range of tasks including street briefings, local visits and city patrols. They are the first 100% electric Vans to be used by UK police.

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