Are the military investing in a new electric fuel technology?

Posted in Electric Vehicle News, Green issues

The United States strategic military requirements gave us the internet and satellite navigation, will their need to reduce dependency on oil drive the fuel technology of the future?

The US military must stop using oil by 2040 if it wants to reduce operational vulnerabilities, reduce costs, stop new security risks caused by climate change and avoid the coming peak oil supply crunch. That’s the word from the Center for a New American Security, whose Fueling the Future Force report details the hows’ and whys’ of the situation. (more…)

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Global vehicle numbers surpass one billion and hit new critical levels

Posted in Electric Vehicle News, Green issues

That number is expected to hit the two-billion mark within 15 years. In January last year, more cars were sold in China than in the U.S.

Work continues to progresses on developing cleaner vehicles and fuels, but how do we change driving behavior and lower vehicle miles and emissions?

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Does the rise in internet shopping spell the end for the postie on his bike?

Posted in Electric Vehicle News

The Royal Mail has denied it is phasing out all bikes but says the rise in online shopping has seen the weight of parcels for postal cyclists increase significantly.

“Royal Mail is making a number of changes in delivery methods as part of a £2bn modernisation of its entire operation, and it is certainly not a straightforward switch to vans for those postmen and women who currently use bicycles,” a spokesman said.


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Electric Vehicles Exempt from Company Car Tax From April 2010

Posted in Electric Vehicle News

From 6th April 2010, the government has announced electric cars will be exempt from company car tax reducing the car benefit charge to nil for five years.

Electric vans will be spared tax payments of up to £3000, A great reason to invest on the qualifying eL or eLXD.


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Vehicle Scrappage Scheme, save up to £2,000 on an electric vehicle

Posted in Electric Vehicle News

The vehicle discount scheme, popularly known as the vehicle scrapapge scheme is a government supported scheme set up to allow vehicle dealers to offer heavy discounts of up to £2,000 on a new eco-friendly vehicle when scrapping an older less efficient model.

Motor dealers are able to participate by voluntarily signing up for the scheme and will allocate the available discounts themselves. (more…)

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