eCourier, Go Wired, Go Electric,,,with GEM Electric Promotional Vehicles

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eCourier, has become one of Europe’s fastest growing same day logistics company, and is e-lectric! In 2006 they became London’s first carbon neutral same day courier company, and now they’re using GEM zero emission electric vans as part of their fleet.


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Custom Modified GEM Electric cars

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At Gem we pride ourselves on the superb versatility of our vehicles, we have designed and built numerous custom and bespoke vehicles for our clients but we have also been amazed by some of the personal modifications many people have built.


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UK Police Enforce Struggle against CO2 Emissions

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Police within the United Kingdom are now using GEM electric vehicles to aid and safely transport their officers and to interact with the local community.

GEM’s light and versatile electric cars are being used by neighbourhood officers for a range of tasks including street briefings, local visits and city patrols. They are the first 100% electric Vans to be used by UK police.

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Vehicle Scrappage Scheme, save up to £2,000 on an electric vehicle

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The vehicle discount scheme, popularly known as the vehicle scrapapge scheme is a government supported scheme set up to allow vehicle dealers to offer heavy discounts of up to £2,000 on a new eco-friendly vehicle when scrapping an older less efficient model.

Motor dealers are able to participate by voluntarily signing up for the scheme and will allocate the available discounts themselves. (more…)

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