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Available door options

abs doors

Hard ABS doors with drop down windows

aluminum framed canvas doors

Aluminium framed canvas doors

transparent doors

Transparent doors

soft canvas doors

Soft canvas doors

Commercial vehicle options

electric hydraulic tippers and cages

Manual and electric hydraulic tippers and cages

drop side cargo options

Range of drop side cargo options

led light bars

Range of LED light bars

halogen light bars

Range of Halogen light bars

Custom Bespoke Electric Vehicles

In the competitive and economically challenging environment we are all working in businesses are increasingly seeking ways to stand out from competitors. There is also a real desire for companies to operate in a responsible, environmentally sensitive way, minimising impact on the planet as well as giving your products or services extra appeal to the growing numbers of eco-aware consumers.

At GEM Cars Ltd we can help your business visually stand out from your competition whilst offering additional green credibility at the same time. Our range of battery powered electric cars and vans share eye-catching curved styling, emit zero emissions in use and are road legal. The exhaust fume free and virtually silent operation means they can be used inside too, perfect if your business operates in noise sensitive environments or at ‘unsociable’ hours.

bespoke electric pizza van

Fitted with a cargo box the eS becomes the Perfect affordable post or light delivery van. So Whatever you need to deliver from post to take-away food with the eS you can reduce your carbon emissions at the same time!

bespoke electric lawn truck

Specify a static or tipping cage and the eL and eLXD electric utility vehicles are the perfect eco-friendly and affordable solution for urban litter picking, parks, gardens and site maintenance.

Custom Car Graphics and Body

GEM electric vehicles have been successfully deployed in a variety of businesses including catering, maintenance, urban delivery and courier services, industrial laundry, landscaping, gardening and floristry. Whatever your requirements the flexible configuration and options offered by our 100% electric cars and utility vehicles enable us to create the perfect bespoke vehicle for your business.

Our environmentally conscious in-house team can offer one-stop design, coach building and branding for your company. Using the proven GEM chassis as a base we can fabricate bespoke carbon-fibre or Kevlar body panels.

Bespoke facilities include

  • Fabricate bespoke carbon-fibre or Kevlar body panels
  • Ambient or refrigerated storage for food sampling
  • Ambient or refrigerated storage for beverage sampling
  • Product display units
  • Coffee and catering facilities
  • Bespoke trailers
  • Static or digital multi-media display units.
manufacture plans for electric vehicle

Custom Built Cars for all Marketing Campaigns

Whatever your business or ideas why not contact us and challenge our team to design and build a bespoke, eye-catching and environmentally-friendly GEM electric vehicle for you?

la poste electric delivery van