GEMs for Rent

Vehicles available for rent with complete customisation options and even a try before you buy option!

Agriculture, Farming and Equestrian Vehicles

GEM Cars Ltd the electric car company has a range of vehicles ideally suited for agriculture, farming and equestrian use. For short distance, task focused work on your farm, nursery, equestrian centre or race course we have an environmentally friendly vehicle for the job.

The range includes the Quadriga, the world's first road legal electric quad bike. Extremely strong, robust and reliable, this machine is designed for tough all-terrain driving on and off the road, on public and private areas providing a safe, quiet, economical yet zero emission workhorse.

GEM elxd working on farm

The eL and eLXD are flexible, cost effective and practical utility farm vehicles suited to a wide range of tasks. Our team of specialist coach builders can even build a bespoke mobile farm shop for you!

quadriga quad bike on the farm

The Quadriga is a rugged go anywhere workhorse and because it's 100% electric there are no emissions, virtually no noise and no petrol or diesel to store and account for.

Custom Vehicle Options

We can customise your GEM electric vehicle to suit the tasks you want it to do. Need to tow a trailer or carry extra long items no problem we can create a bespoke vehicle for you. For added convenience if you have access to 3-phase power supply a simple converter and fast charger to enable most GEM vehicles to be fully charged in less than 2 hours!

electric es in a garden centre

The compact, manoeuvrable and virtually silent GEM eS with generous 298kg payload is ideal for use in nurseries and areas sensitive to exhaust fumes and is approved for use inside and out.

Quadriga Specs Overview

The Quadriga is the world's first road legal electric quad bike. It is extremely strong, robust and reliable; designed for tough all-terrain driving on and off road.

electric quad bike specs
Curb Weight
Payload Capacity
Turning Circle
Roaming Range
30 miles
6 x No-maintenance 12v Gel Batteries

Commercial Benefits

At less than 1.5 pence per mile to charge, zero rated road tax and low, low maintenance costs all add up to tiny running costs across the GEM range of 100% electric vehicles. Going 100% electric will reduce need to store costly conventional fuels too. Running a GEM electric vehicle is not only good for the environment, your conscience but your pocket too!